Need to write a research paper, but have no idea how and where to start? Have to apply for an internship, but don’t know how to go about it? Have all of the qualifications, but don’t know how to appear for an interview? You no longer have to feel clueless when it comes to such challenges. 

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) brings you CAPS, an open platform that attempts to bridge the gap between classrooms based theoretical learning and career-based applicable knowledge. It is an initiative that facilitates the free exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences with a view to strengthen students and professionals, providing them access to a learning experience that is not readily available in a classroom environment or a library. At CAPS, we not only aim to bring about a more holistic development at the individual level but also a greater interaction and sharing of resources at the university level. This process is facilitated by the five Wings and six Committees of CAPS which work in tandem to do so.


COWL is India’s first Online Writing Lab (OWL), providing students with opportunities for self-learning at their own pace. It aims to make the process of learning easier and more interactive by providing a web platform to access web modules related to academic and professional development.
Also, providing expert consultation and peer interaction opportunities to students is one of its main objectives. 
There are several interactive E-learning modules available on the portal which could be accessed by the university audience at their disposal.

Developed By: Soham Sharma, Lakshay Grover, Prakash Kumar.