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Department - Department of English
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Faculty Profile
Name Arul Prabaharan Gaspar
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification BA.,MA.,MPhil
Email id arul.gaspar@christuniversity.in
Phone No
Date Of Birth 1975-06-10
UG Postcolonial Litt, Literary Theory and ELT BA-English Language& Literature 1999
PG Loyola College, Chennai, TN MA-English Language & Literature 2001
MPhil Christ University, Bangalore English Language & Literature 2011




Name of Journal / Vol. No / Issue No / Page Nos / ISSN No

July 2012

Postcolonial Gothic in Toni Morrison's Beloved

Labyrinth Vol.3, Issue-3, P# 156-159

ISSN NO: 0976-0814

Articles in Journals

Sl.No. Title
Name of Journal / Vol. No / Issue No / Page Nos
Month Year
1 Post-colonial Gothic in Tony Morrison's Beloved   Labyrinth / 3 / 3 / 156 - 159   0976-0814   1 Jul. 2012
2 Diaspora Experience between the creation and the creator: A closer look at the Diaspora connected character in Anita Desai's Fasting, Feasting   Quest International Multidisciplinary Research Journal / 1 / 2 / 83 - 86   2278-44970   1 Dec. 2012

Conference Presentation

Sl.No. Name of Conference
Month Year
1 English Language in Higher Education: Exploring Learner-Centered Approaches   Arul P Gaspar   Bangalore   
2 National Seminar on Women Poets in Indian English Poetry   Arul Prabaharan gaspar    Central University of Tamilnadu, Thiruvarur   

Seminars Organized

Sl.No. Organiser Name>
Name of Seminar
  Arul p Gaspar   National Seminar on English Language in Higher Education: Exploring Learner-Centered Approaches   Bangalore   29/01/2013

Conferences/Seminars Attended

Sl.No. Name of the Seminar
Name of Organiser
1 National Seminar on Curricular Transactions in Primary and Secondary Education in India   School of Education, Christ University, Bangalore   08/02/2013

Workshop/FDP/Training programme Attended

Sl.No. Name of Workshop
Name of Oraganiser
1 How to get published in the right journal   Emerald LiteratiNetwork   17/09/2012
List of Faculty  
Randolf Jacob M.A., PGCTE
Gnanashekar M. M.A., M.Phil.
(Fr.)Sebastian T. A. M.A., MS, M.Ed. (USA), M.Phil
Anupama Nayar C. V. M.A., PGDES, B.Ed.
Bhavani S. MA, PGDTE, M.Phil.
Biju Itukkapparakkal M.A., PGCES
Indira Ramaswamy M.A., M. Phil.
John Joseph Kennedy P. M.A., PGDES., M.Litt., Ph.D (Pursuing)
Joshua G. M.A., M. Phil., B.Ed.
Nanjundappa MA, M.Phil
Renu Elizabeth Abraham MA, M.Phil., PGD Journalism
Sreelatha R. MA, M.Phil
Sushma V. Murthy M.A.
Suma Kodandaram MA, M.Phil.
Shobana Mathews M.A., M.Phil
Dr. Anil Joseph Pinto MA, MPhil,PhD
Dr. Abhaya N B M.A, Ph.D
Joseph Edward Felix M.A. PGCTE
Padmakumar M M M.A (MC), M. A.(Eng), M.Phil
Gaana J M.A.,M.Phil
Tana Trivedi Joshi M. A., M.Lit.
Daniel Gnanaraj S M.A, M.Phil
Jeremy Savio DCruz M.A,M.phil,PGJMC
Dr. Arya Aiyappan BA.,MA.,MPhil.,Ph.D
Arul Prabaharan Gaspar BA.,MA.,MPhil
Sreyashi Dhar BA.,MA.,MPhil
Immanuel V BA.,MA.,MPhil